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Is a photographer, editor and documentary filmmaker.

She worked as Producer for Channel M television and Cinematographer & Editor on Mosaico TV, a series of documentaries about Portuguese colonies worldwide.

Since 2003 she has mentored 4500+ student short films & animations at Vancouver Film School, covering areas such as composition, layout, lighting, sound and editing.

Myriam grew up in four nations; France, Brazil, Portugal and England.  She formed her skills and developed an incredible passion for B&W and hand printing in the darkroom of Stamford College, on the North Side of London.


From years spent amid the vibrancy and drama of Brazil her approach to photograph people and to become part of their own lives come very naturally, making lifestyle and humanity her strongest topics for storytelling. 

Myriam’s recent achievements in storytelling come from Morocco and Cuba, where her photos emerged from the effort, skill, spirit and perseverance she gained from all her life experiences with people and countries. 

Today, Myriam lives in Canada sharing her time teaching photography & picture editing at the prestigious Vancouver Film School, teaching Photography Workshops alongside Massimo Bassano, traveling around the world as a National Geographic Expert on Expedition vessels, also projecting new stories worldwide, last one being in Japan, Morocco & Antarctica in 2023.  


Myriam speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese.

"Her eye for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary is both acute and severe. Her attention for minutia often turns the subject upside in revealing an otherwise hidden agenda. She has an urgency in her work that demands attention. It is stark, immediate but above all, honest." - Richard Pinder

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