Approaching Vancouver. A city of mountains, rainforest and sea.

Travel Photography

Master Workshop


Considered one of the most livable city of the Planet, Vancouver is a perfect stage to practice and learn about travel photography and storytelling.

​This 4 days of intense workshop is a real MASTER of Travel Photography.

​Lectures in class, with daily practice on field following the proper inclination and guidance of the teachers, myself and Massimo Bassano, to get you out of your comfort zone.

​A specific assignment is the goal. Not just wandering photographing the beauty of Vancouver without a purpose, but looking for the right photo that can tell the story that you have in mind and build it frame by frame.

To learn how to select what to capture with your camera is the first step to understand how to reach the right scope.

​Understand which photograph includes,

one by one.

Learn how to interact with people so to get the best from them.

Share on daily basis the experience on field with other photographers with the same passion and purpose.

​A unique experience of learning!!