A story about transitioning in order to feel truthful to oneself. 


“My Name is Ari” is about a personal journey, fighting the obstacles and struggles to find happiness.

Every week Ari takes a shot of testosterone; slowly his body is changing to a masculine shape. A beard is starting to grow. His voice sounds deeper.  A partial hysterectomy has already taken place; now he waits for the mastectomy.

"My Name is Ari" is a work in progress. It's been a year and it may take another one to complete. 


I’m passionate about this project for many reasons.



My goal is to help people who are transitioning, visualize the process and understand what the body and mind go through. Also to educate those outside the trans* community, who don’t accept or understand the struggles that trans* people face on a day-to-day basis. The challenges of living in a society that does not treat trans* identifying people equally is terrifying. Discrimination and violence are things that shouldn’t be happening, nowhere and to anyone.