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Havana Dreams

In only 20 days spent in Havana I met more people than in any other country I lived for years. Cubans are the warmest and most friendly people I have ever met.

My goal while there was to live as a Cuban and not as a tourist.  So, no hotels, no restaurants or anything else that an average Cuban would not do. I walked from sunrise to sunset and met people every day.  I collected stories and photographs.  I had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back.  So much to learn, to visit, to experience. 

It is a work in progress.  Soon I will add all photos and captions from all the people who shared their time and stories with me.  Till then I leave you with this photo taken in the most unique gym I ever walked in.

A collection of people's stories.

Photo Caption:

Something that really fascinates me it’s how the Cubans recycle everything, since they have no easy access to get supplies.It is clearly visible everywhere, including some of the fitness gyms that I’ve encountered during my exploration of Havana.
This one is my favourite. It has a lot of mood. The only source of light is the one bouncing back from the building across the street. I get a feeling of a scenario created in the theatre of life.
The details of a chalk board from a school, a mirror from a home wardrobe, a table built with recycled wood, old and rusty equipment, dirty walls and visible bricks give this place a unique style. 

The sounds heard of the heavy equip touching the metal bars and the synchronized breathing makes this place feel alive and very energetic. I move around them quietly not to intrude so much, trying to blend with the surrounding and be part of the environment.

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