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People of the World

Randy on a cigarette break. Gastown, Vancouver.

Casablanca, Havana

Giacomo has an upholstery shop in Sicily and at that moment he was working on a Vespa seat

Willie enjoys Sunday morning reading the newspaper by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Street Photography, Vancouver, B.C.

The small light of a candle will reveal the darkness no matter how thick. Calabria, Italy.

Traditional handmade pasta of Puglia, Orecchiette translates "little ears"

Fatima making bread in Toubkal, Morocco

“Kyusyou mieku” in Danjōgaran, Mount Kōya.

Abelardo, a local of Curacaví

Adele, 101 yrs old. Matera, Italy

John at work. Gastown Street Photography

Revolution fighter, Oreste in Havana

Boxers training Havana, Cuba

Cubans are the warmest and most welcoming people I've met. It's common for them to "hang out" by the door to be part of the life that passes by.

Berber lady with her son on her back just crossed the dry bed of Asif Ounila river at Ait Benhaddou, the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in Morocco.

After a long day of work man comes back home with his merchandise. Moroco

I love how expressive, outspoken and full of life the Cubans are. While playing dominoes a few shots of rum or exchange of opinions in the political scene worldwide is part of the game.

The Reconciliation Pole was raised in a traditional Haida ceremony at UBC. Vancouver, B.C.

"Even though the situation in Cuba is very tough, I'll never leave. I love my country". Noel Hernandez 2005 World Cadet Championship.

Stars can't shine without darkness

Rabat, Morocco

Beautiful ladies of Matera, Italy

Dancing along the Boulevard, La Habana, Cuba.


Tony on a cigarette break.

Our Moroccan camel drivers taking a break away from the hot sun of Erg Chebbi, the extreme western side of the Sahara.

Squamish. Vancouver, B.C.

A "behind the scenes"photo with Massimo Bassano at the bakery. Havana, Cuba.

Casa Blanca - Havana, Cuba

Astoria Boxing Club, Vancouver.

Man bringing a box with small plants outside his shop. Salerno, Italia.

Happy couple. East Hastings, Vancouver

Habana Vieja - Cuba

Street Portrait in Lisbon, Portugal.

Man distributes the local newspaper "Granma"(official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party).

Young and talented living in uncertain times looking towards a bright future.

No exit alleys meeting interesting figures. Fes, Morocco

Moroccan camel driver at Erg Chebbi, the extreme western side of the Sahara. Morocco

A Fadista. Lisbon, Portugal.

Blood Alley, Vancouver B.C.

Street people are kind and generous. From far I saw this man sharing his food with the guy and his dog sitting across the street. How inspiring!

Why I love and what's so cool about Street Photography? *The unexpected encounters *The accessibility but highly intimidating feeling when approaching strangers *The unpredictability *The relationship created on the spot between subject and photographer AND *The storytelling of the streets

Ben, East Hastings. Vancouver

Tango! Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tim, Vancouver.

Gaucho Argentino

Gaucho Argentino

East Hastings, Vancouver

Gaucho Argentino.

Street Photography Workshop, Vancouver.

Blood Alley, Vancouver.

Kelly by the Old Spaghetti Factory, Gastown

Atlas Mountain, Morocco.

Gypsy by the church in Lisbon.

Vancouver's people

Vancouver's people

Nomads in the Atlas Mountain, Morocco.

Vancouver's people

Tim by Vancouver Art Gallery.

Photographing strangers in the streets is one of my favourite things to do. I enjoyed getting to know them all even if for a little moment.

Vancouver Street Photography Workshop

The Traveller

Lisbon, Portugal.

"Kakita Katsuro Mask Factory", Japan.

Iliana, Havana

Lisbon Street Photography

Astoria Boxing Club


Squamish. Vancouver, B.C.

Maikel at the Havana Boxing Club.

Leather Auction in Fez, Morocco.

Cubanos de Havana

A cuban man working on his shop repairing shoes.

Squamish. Vancouver, B.C.


“Kyusyou mieku” in Danjōgaran, Mount Kōya.

Man street performing Pink Floyd's song in Gastown, Vancouver.

Made in Italy. Havana, Cuba.

A “Pigeons du Sable” member sharing with us the history behind the Gnawa music.

Leather Auction in Fez, Morocco.

Blood Alley friends

"When photographing people, the quality of such is greatly influenced by the relationship you develop with your subject".


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