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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin

No Workshops At This Moment

Antarctica Peninsula,

Falkland Islands


South Georgia

February & March 2020

Instructors: Myriam Casper & Massimo Bassano

I’m super excited to announce our next photography & videography workshops onboard Oceanwide’s new vessel, Hondius. There will be four different dates in a two month period where you can come with us to learn everything about Antarctica, take fantastic photographs and make videos while sailing along icebergs, visiting old whaling stations and much more. Click the link below for more information!

Travel Photography Storytelling

August 4, 5 & 6 2018  10AM to 4PM


Instructors: Myriam Casper & Massimo Bassano

Our 3 Days Travel Photography Storytelling workshop will give all you need to bring home better photographs, that will not only record memories but describe the place visited, the culture, the colors, the atmosphere and more.

A real Story in pictures.

Street Photography

August 12th 2018  10AM to 4PM

Instructors: Myriam Casper & Massimo Bassano

Together we designed an intensive Street Photography Workshop to push you out of your comfort zone, giving instant feedback, direction and ideas of how to capture street moments.  Our focus goes to the technical and creative approach to tell a better story in a single image.


August 18th 2018  11AM to 12:30PM

Presenters: Myriam Casper & Massimo Bassano

An Epic Journey!

We have been traveling to one of the most remote place on Earth to tell, to those at home, how it is. We took this trip because we want to bring Antarctica to the stage. Antarctica is an important ecosystem for the planet.


This talk is for everyone that loves nature that loves photography and wishes to learn how to photograph in this unique environment.

HDR Photography in the Wild 

August 24 & 25 2018

Instructors: Myriam Casper & Massimo Bassano

HDR is an incredible photo technique that can open your creativity to another level.

Known as the technique that shows in Photography what the eyes can see, with rich details in the highlights and in the dark shades it's possible to use a professional level with limited skills and budget.

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