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"Keep punching! Get your jab in his face"!

Although I do not like violence per se, I find boxing a very attractive sport to photograph. Its history, Scorsese movies and Muhammad Ali helps to look at it with different perspective.


"The Art of Boxing" is a project fighting to define its angle.  I have spent innumerous hours photographing men and women in great boxing locations.  I keep visiting, taking photographs every week; it takes a lot of practice to get a good shot.

Boxing  became an Olympic event In 688 B.C.

I feel totally immersed in the ritual of this ancient art. 

Breathe and punch, breathe and punch, the sound of the continuous rhythm of boxing. The smell and drops of sweat in the air, the occasional blood running down the cheeks, all paced by the boxing interval timer every three minutes.

Terry’s voice breaks through the hypnotic state;


 Astoria's boxing club

“You have to anticipate the punch,” says coach Terry Cooke to me, in the basement of Action Boxing in east Vancouver. I find myself moving as

a boxer trying to anticipate and to frame the punch at the right time. 

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.”

- Muhammad Ali

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